How to Save Money on a Disney Honeymoon

Although becoming one with your partner is the most special day of your life, a trip to Disney will certainly serve as the second-best day. That is why you should choose a Disney honeymoon after you say ‘I do.’ You’ll find an array of disney honeymoon packages available, each focusing on you and your special someone and the magic of the moment you’ve just created.

Don’t assume a trip to Disney is out of your budget. Sadly so many people assume they’re unable to afford this honeymoon and miss out on stupendous fun. Don’t be that couple. You’ve taken your vows and now it’s time to take time to bask in the love you’ll share together on the honeymoon. You can afford a Disney honeymoon! Where better to celebrate than the most magical place on earth?

How can you stretch the budget far enough to afford a Disney honeymoon? There’s several tips below that can help you reduce the cost of this honeymoon considerably, ensuring that the price fits well within your budget.

Plan Off-Season

Even if it means adjusting the date of your wedding, planning for an off-season wedding and honeymoon at Disney is the easiest way to reduce the money that you’ll spend for such a feat. Off-season at Disney is just as amazing as regular season, but less crowded, so it’s perfect for a couple celebrating their marriage.

Spread the Word

Disney is all about the magic and marrying your lover is most special. The Disney folks love to hear that you’re celebrating your honeymoon with them and if you let the word be known, expect many freebies thrown your way as Disney’s way of saying congratulations.

Take Advantage of Specials

Multi-pass discounts, coupons, and free attractions are among the specials offered to visitors to Disney, including newlyweds. Take advantage of the savings and the freebies to make your money go further.